Vip Sections


Birthday packages $385 plus tip which includes:
  • 2 Ciroc, Belvedere, or Grey Goose (750s)
  • Unlimited guests on your birthday list
  • Special birthday line
  • VIP tables require bottle service, call for information and specials
  • DJ shout outs all night
  • Complimentary hookah with table reservation
  • Complimentary house Rose champagne
  • Custom birthday invites (please call for more details)
  • Special birthday pictures from the night for you
  • Guys free till 11pm (Sunday till 12am)
  • 6 Tequila Sunrise Shots for party
  • 6 Free Admissions
  • 6 VIP bracelets
  • (+$25 per bottle to substitute Vodka for a Hennessy or Patron)
  • +$50 per bottle to convert to 750 size to 1 liter


  • Allure Birthday Package


How do you invite your friends:
  • Via text message
  • Our email service (call us to find out more on this service)
  • Just have them mention your name that was put on your confirmation


The most important thing to do when you arrive:
  • When you arrive, please check in with the guest list person at the front door, letting them know you have arrived. from there our birthday hostess will greet you
  • After being greeted by the birthday hostess please provide them with a copy of your birthday confirmation so you may be seated
  • Only the birthday celebrant can check in for the birthday table
  • Remember that tables are first come first serve so please arrive early
  • Tables are meant as a meeting area. club birthdays are a lot of fun and most of the time people are enjoying the different areas of the club. don’t stress yourself out and worry about everyone having a seat. it’s a club and not a banquet hall…

Club policies:
  • Each guest must be 21 and over and must present a valid state drivers license or passport (no expired ids will be valid)
  • Dress code enforced please tell your friends to dress up for this special occasion! Hey it’s your birthday and they all should go and take out the special outfit they wore to the Grammys….. Each guest must abide by our dress code to enter: no baggy attire, no sports attire jeans are ok as long as they are clubby, (in other words don't bring the jeans you use to paint the house), also, no boots or baseball caps allowed in the club. Door staff and security have the right to decline entry to you and or your guests if dress code is not met.

Please fill out the information below and a birthday celebration host will contact you to further review your birthday reservation, thank you.
Submitting this form does not guarantee a reservation.
An ALLURE NYC host will contact you and confirm your reservation by phone.